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Jamalar/Rampart Artists

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Rampart Street Music  is one of the Crescent City's finest independent record label whose studio is located in, the now famous, 9th Ward neighborhood of New Orleans.  This company houses a state of the art project studio, which is managed by the Joyful Music Group and it's partners.  Rampart Street Music has developed into a label whose mission is to help local and regional acts realize their lifelong dreams.  Some of the more noted are: The Friendly Travelers, Lyle Henderson, Sjuwana Byers & the Children of God, Mike & Moni, Ray Iglehart, J.C. & Company, Beatrice Ward, Heavenly Melodies, N* Harmone' and Danielle Wilson.  Our Record Label has invested heavily in the Regional Roots music market (i.e. Jazz, R&B, Blues and Gospel) in order to do our part in keeping New Orleans Music alive.

Rampart Street Music first entered the national top 40 gospel charts in August 1996 with Lyle Henderson's "I Cannot Go Back," and quickly followed with Mike & Moni ("Jesus, You're My Joy") and then with Sjuwana Byers & The Children of God with "Nobody's Fault."  Currently, Rampart Street Music and the Joyful Music Group have produced over two-dozen, full-length, recordings that are heard locally, internationally and throughout North America.  Our company is dedicated to furthering the success of independent roots music artists throughout the U.S. Jamalar/Rampart Street Music Artist's CDs and digital tracts are available at the following locations: 
CD Baby, Amazon.comi tunes and Rampart Street Music.com.

Rampart Street Music catalog is listed below:

 JOYFUL "What's Going On"

New Release
Eddie Domino
Eddie Domino & Friends
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New Release
Not Ashamed

 New Release
Let My People Go
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New Release
Sjuwana Byers & Children Of God
"After The Storm"
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New Release 
J. C. & Company
He's A Wonderful God
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Danielle Wilson & The Truth
Reflections Of Mahalia
Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho
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The Spirit Of New Orleans
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The Reflection Of The Past
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Contact the office @ 504-943-0353

Caught In The Middle

Friendly Travelers
Stand Alone

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Two Rampart Street Music records from the 1990's that are out of print, are now available for digital download.
 JOYFUL Gospel  Singers, U.S.A.


 Originally released in 1997
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Children of God
  Just Havin Church

Originally released in 1999
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